MovieClash - The awesome cinematic quiz.

The awesome cinematic quiz.

The movie game you, your friends, loved ones and everyone else has been waiting for. Making decisions fun and easy.

What's this?

MovieClash helps you to playfully find the next movie you and your friends will watch tonight. For every night you can't make decisions - MovieClash is the answer.

With Friends or Solo

You can play with your friends or against the clashmaster. Both ways will get you to the most fair decision which movie to watch next - That's MovieClash

Learn the facts

Get in touch with facts you might didn't know yet, like Violence, Profanity & Nudity. Scroll through the database to get every information about your most loved pieces.
Everything you need

Create your own user account and see your friends statistics

Get your very own MovieClash account and become a clasher. See your statistics across all your devices and never lose them again. You and your friends can add each other to your friends list by your unique user names to see each others game results...

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Special Features

MovieClash is not just the game itself. There are a bunch of features around the core function and the will grow over the time. Learn more about a few of them.

Fully Responsive

You can play MovieClash across all your iOS devices. No matter if you're running an iPhone or iPad it just works. Android will be supported later this year.

Handmade Design

The entire design of MovieClash and all its appearances are speaking one unique language. It was developed by heart, to create a unique and special experience for you.

Movie News

Get the latest and hottest news about current movies everybody is talking about in the news section of MovieClash.

Hidden Easter Egg

MovieClash has one hidden Easter Egg. A tiny glance on a future feature. Can you find it?

Watch the Preview

Get a small glance in the world of MovieClash and get ready to download it now.

App Preview

Get ready to play your first clashes! Below you can see some exclusive screenshots of MovieClash.

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The Developer

MovieClash is developed by only one person and always will be. It is my very first app in the store and I'm super proud of it. I put all my passion, knowledge and love into this and I hope you'll like it.

Ricardo Köhne

Founder | Development

Download MovieClash now

MovieClash is now available on the iOS App Store. Start right now by clicking the download button below. MovieClash for Andorid is about to come later 2019. For more stuff you can check out some Social Media or the developer's website.
Happy clashing.
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